CUV systems can stay aloft for as much as seven days

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles provides unrivaled persistence and extensive coverage at a low cost


 CUV works with military and government branches
and contractors

  • We provide systems for communications, research, surveillance and other strategic and tactical operations

  • Our systems are more mobile and air transportable than traditional aerostat systems

  • They operate in much higher winds, improving  mission utility and capability in adverse weather

  • Created for the Army, our Small Tactical Multi-Payload Aerostat System (STMPAS) was developed to provide:

    • Intelligence

    • Surveillance

    • Reconnaissance capability for small tactical units in Afghanistan and other locations 


Our unique Lightweight Aerostat Systems provides a broad range of capabilities

  • Mobile System To Provide Long-range, wide area surveillance, far greater than towers

  • CUV systems can detect and identify:

    • people up to five miles

    • vehicles up to 10 miles

    • out to 25-30 miles out at sea

  • CUV systems can stay aloft for as much as seven days without needing any attention

  • Provide  a very persistent, consistent and low maintenance system

  • The aerostats are ideal for specialized security:

    • Border and port security

    • Surveillance

    • Week-long events

    • Monitoring large outdoor concerts/events C

  • Covering a large area, they can provide communications during and after:

    • Natural disasters

    • Floods

    • Earthquakes

    • Power outages


Measurements with LAS  can provide better altitude coverage than ground sensors, and with greater endurance than aircraft or unmanned air vehicles

  • LAS are exceptional tools to collect data for:

    • Oceanographic research

    • Atmospheric research

    • Conservation research

    • Environmental research

  • Gathering long-term data over specific locations for analysis and study of critical phenomenon that affect global environments:

    • Ocean

    • Freshwater

    • Air

    • Rain forests

    • Pollution transport

    • Other ecosystems

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